We observe, we learn, we share, we co-create!

In general, the beginning of development and growth is marked by an inspiration as well as initial ideas being shared. Because only those who share knowledge and ideas can achieve something new in co-creative processes – usually more than individuals alone can. We share the curiosity of young and established entrepreneurs, managers and thought leaders of our time. We believe in the principle


“inspired People, inspired Organisation”


therefore we strive to bring ideas, knowledge into the organizations. Because we want to act as a catalyst for impulses, ideas and entrepreneurship. But above all, we want to help shape society and the future.

Our maxim: we observe, we learn, we share, we shape the future in co-creative processes and with agile methods – for people and organiZation!


“we observe, we learn, we share, we co-create!”

We are in a dialogue with exciting organizational designers

At the beginning of an development and inside or outside business growth the sharing of inspiration and first ideas is of particular importance.  Only those who share knowledge and ideas co-creatively generate more than individuals. We are in inspiring dialogs with partners, clients and pioneers. Some who inspire us the most are…..

Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches
Our worldwide coaching association of premium coaches, with access to a global network of experienced pioneers of our time.
Advisory group beratergruppe neuwaldegg
An internationally operating group of advisors and a consulting company with a headquarter in Vienna.
NAMENAME Creative Consultancy
Our partner for brand and organization development.
Kreatives Unternehmertum
A non-profit organization committed to entrepreneurial education and society concepts.

Align your personal priorities with your professional goals!
What is the value of professional success if you completely neglect your family, relationships, your personal priorities... what really counts at the end?

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