Personal and entrepreneurial development ignite each other - we promote both.
Our services bridge the gap between consulting and coaching. We call it advising: promoting entrepreneurial growth on several axes simultaneously. The development of strategies becomes valuable if competence in execution has been built up at the same time. The personal development of leadership teams and employers opens doors to economic growth.
Questions are individual, but topics are always related.
Three topics in particular move our work:
Adaptive Leadership and Evolutionary Organizations
Which positioning and strategy do we use to secure the future growth of our company?
How do we ensure a more precise orientation and more alignment in our organization?
How do we mobilize our team along our strategy?
Grip for Growth - for People and Organization
How do we achieve further development and growth in people and organisation?
How do we increase the pulse rate and agility of our company in a healthy way?
Which tools relieve our team?
Explore new territory with determination
How do we change from victims to shapers of the future?
How do we create a culture that is constantly changing?
Which systems are conducive to internal and external growth and the necessary process of change?
What growth options are conceivable? How is growth to be managed?
How does your organization achieve change for future growth?
First steps are taken by starting to move
As soon as entrepreneurial clarity is found, this leads to relief - for managers and employees alike. Because clarity about current position and future vision creates space for a future path. This in turn creates clarity about focus and priorities in the year and quarter and only allows relief and scope for the desired change in the organization. Transformation can come out of change.
Typical fields of activity
Perspectives for a new and clear vision of the future
Together with you, we will develop a clear vision of the future for your organization. Help you to create possible course of actions, for this establishing a possible agile roadmap and we’ll support developing a systemic way to gain the necessary future knowledge. For this we open up new sources for new perspectives for aligning your organization with the desired future goals.
The facets of your strategy on one page
We help you to develop a strategy that strengthens your position in the market environment to enable you to achieve long-term success. Together with you, we focus on B-B business models for today's complex, dynamic, ever-changing environment - we work on your One Page Strategic Plan (OPSP).
Finding and maintaining a growth path in an environment of constant change
Constant change determines our future.
According to this intellectual attitude with its principles we develop with you paths for today's complex, dynamic environment. If you understand target images as incomplete, contradictory and changeable, we will work with you to develop an agile roadmap that will give you the flexibility you need in the future.
Organizational clarity enables a course of growth and change
We show you how to manage establishing a healthy and smoothly functioning organization, even in times of change, growth and especially in times like this –with maximum dynamics.
Mastering complexity with a suited leadership model and agile network-structures
Rigid hierarchies, top-down guidelines as well as manage and control mechanisms are not the adequate answer to today’s challenges. We develop together with your leadership team a network organizations – development opportunities for people and organization.

Has your company strategy exceeded the expiration date?
How to keep your corporate strategy simple and clear on one page for your leadership team - for your whole organization.

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